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At the local cafe. Warm like in summer. People talking on their phones – and F2F. A light scent of cigarette – we are seated outdoors. Contemporary normality. Using my iPhone to write an entry about almost nothing. So this is what it will be like – the summer of the iPhone.


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In this weblog, I want to discuss in what ways mobile communication technologies affect people’s everyday life. I am interested in how the use of mobile phones (or cellphones) is changing the use of places and the patterns of movement in cities (or rather: in urban landscapes).

As I see it, new opportunities of coordination and negotiation of meetings by using mobile telephony influence regional travelling (commuting, shopping, recreation etc.). The use of mobile phones also seems to transform the places of the urban landscape, primarily by the increased real time interaction – anywhere – with absent others.

My concern is how public urban space is being transformed. Although a lot has been written on the subject of mobile phones or cellphones, it is hard to get a clear picture of what is going on – culturally and spatially. For me, as an architect interested in the public realm, the ongoing changes are extremely interesting. Do I have opinions? Of course I have, but most of all I am curious!

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